Sunday, 2 May 2010

best fashion websites as chosen by me!

Best Fashion Websites and Blogs!

This is an amazing website for fashion news and celebrity fashion.  There is also an additional Australian site.  There is also a bellasugar (beauty), and popsugar (entertainment and celebrity). My favourite popsugar post is the daily 'what to sky+'  for Uk. Then there is popsugar (celebrity) , fabsugar (fashion), bellasugar (beauty), tréssugar (culture), buzzsugar (entertainmernt), casasugar (homedecor), fitsugar (health), lilsugar (kids and parenting), yumsugar (food), savvysugar (money), *geeksugar (tech), petsugar (pets), popsugar tv (tv), popsugar etc (community and all the rest)

This site is great for links to other websites. the layout is not the best as there is a massive moving ad at all times on the left pane of the page. But as I said is good for links. It has tabs on fashion, luxe, shopping, art and work.

Full to the brim of more high fashion with a funky layout. It also has video, backstage and onstage at fashion shows and redcarpet pictures.

This is full of RSS feeds from all the top fashion websites. Though it looks very plain and boring it does have good articles. Most of the stuff has a Sims cartoon look to it but it does look quirky and I like it.
Website full of celebrity sightings. See where they've been and more importantly what they've been wearing.

I love this site. Great trend updates and great features like 'Call My Stylist' and 'Trends' and 'FocusOn'.  You can also can sign up for newsletters.

The most popular UK Women's Mag goes online. The fashion pages have News, Treand. Basically the mag online.

Again this is another celeb sighting website. I think it has a great layout it also has articles and has Eclipse (and other upcoming movie) stills

Good pictures of all the shows and hairstyle ideas. With a cool black and red contrast background.

The magazine hits the web. It looks good with its blog like layout. While you are there check out Hair and Beauty.

The best page to look after fashion week to sort the real trends from the misguided ones. Also has pictures from shows and events in the fashion world calender.

With great advice on careers from the likes of Henry Holland and River Island buyers and general stuff with great tutorial videos such as 'How to make a moodboard'.

All the news on the big events in Great Britaina. Blogs and an insider's look at all the big launches.

This site needs no introduction. 

With celebrity, look of the day, parties, beauty, hair and more.

Not one of my personal favoutites but will be a fav if you like alternative fashion. Though the striped background gave me a headache! :-(

Great news site. Lots of reports on designers rather than the high street focus of other sites on this list.

'The global fashion magazine' online. Great articles on all aspects of fashion like catwalk and green fashion.

If you know and appreciate iVillage then you will appreciate iVillage Beauty and Style. Although focused on beauty it still does cater for fashion.

Featuring articles from various sources including and other great article sites.

Great little news snipets that you wouldn't get on the news or in the paper. While you're there you can check the stock markets. LOL! :-)

As you can probably guess from the title this site is great for learning the in's and out's of the fashion industry.

It states on their website that they are
'The internet's largest source of fashion inspiration from real people around the world.' It's a pretty simple concept. Basically real people in the fashion world and not (they are a lot of bloggers and models on there). 

HYPE the looks you like to make them HOT. The hottest looks will appear on the homepage.

So we have come to the end of the 'best fashion websites as chosen by me'. Soon I will post the best blogs soon.

xoxo, Emma

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