Sunday, 16 May 2010

Taylor Momsen in UK promoting band The Pretty Reckless

Taylor Momsen has made a trip over the Atlantic this week. She was here promoting her band 'The Pretty Reckless' (instead of the show that made her famous, Gossip Girl) but she has drawn the wrong kind of attention got some very bad press.

She seems to be walking around in stockings all week and short baby doll dresses with raccoon eyes and long platinum blonde straggly hair. Some people say it is inappropriate for a 16 year-old to dress this way.

She also provoked the so-called 'Taylor-haters' (which are groups of people that hate her guts) by swearing on This Morning, a daytime show watched by millions.

Some people have also criticized her saying she's too skinny. She claims he's naturally slim and tall and said it was just "good genes".

On This Morning with a very, very short skirt!

Arriving for an interview at BBC Radio 1 in ripped stockings.

Rocking out with her band, The Pretty Reckless in same ripped stockings.

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