Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday News Blast

Okay, I have a Friday treat for you all a quick News Blast! So I think that this is a good idea to highlight the stories that don't get the coverage they deserve maybe I will make it a regular feature.

Yves Saint Laurent's House up for Sale
Fancy having a look around arguably one the most influental designers ever to walk the face of the earth (don't know if there is fashion on mars)?

Yep me too!

But now there is a chance that the house of Yves Saint Laurent may be coming on to the market. How exciting! But I wouldn't hold your breath because
1. It may not even come on the market.
2. If it does it will cost a bomb.

Gievenchy Launch Autumn New Ad Campaign

Controversially, Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci has decided to use a transexual model. His name is Lea T or previously known as Leo. Some say it looks to edgy and abstract but I disagree and think the prints work well together and look great. I think that it is a good idea because it is including more minorities in the fashion world. Usually the fashion world exempts anyone who does not conform to the White and Skinny standard issue. Though plus sizes and darker skinned models are coming into focus and some designers have refused to work with any models that are not plus size. So the future is bright...

Vanessa Paradis Joins Campaign for Chanel Cocoon
The supermodel joins the famous faces such as Lily Allen who modelled for the brand last year. I will show you the comparisions. Karl Laigerfield has claimed that his muse Vanessa was great to work with.

"She is the most divine person to work with and to be with."
- Karl Laigerfield

Lily Allen

Vanessa Paradis

Pixie Lott Designs for Lipsy

Ever since Pixie Lott arrived on the pop scene with Mama Do she has been causing a bit of a stir on the fashion scene with her quirky festival look and bedhead hair she's been a hit with the Brits and won them over with her fashion and music.
But now she has stepped up a gear, she now has teamed up with Lipsy and the result has been well quite spectactular.

Here are the promo pics:

Thank you for reading. Now I'm off to bed to go and snuggle in with a copy of InStyle June. Leona Lewis is the covergirl. May blog about it tomorrow. That reminds me that there will be full coverage of The Costume Institute Gala 2010. I will be working on it all day! I've already got my pics so that's a start at least. I know I am a bit late since it was on Monday but still I think that it's a great event so I want to cover it. I even heard a comparsion that it was the 'Fashion Oscars' on Marie-Claire's site.
  Thanks again,
Emma xx

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