Friday, 30 April 2010

lots of news! india, laptops, desktops, hair and nautical collages.

I have loads of news for all of you. I'll let you know even more at the end of this post. So let's crack on. Thank you. xx

First of all I got a haircut.
The fringe was cut and hair was re-feathered. Soory about pursing my lips in this photo. Bad habit.

My new collage board. On the latest trend to hit the high street. Refined nautical is all the rage.

My favourite ever scarf bought from Turkey for about 5 Lira (around 44p (!) bargin or what) was the centre of my latest crazy idea, a project on. India. I love the food (infact I had a curry tonight), the beauty, the fashion, the movie, the music and the culture. So I am trying to portray India in a fashion-forward way. You may even see my next sewing project (more info on sewing in a min).

Okay first some bad news. I will be posting alot less because I kind of broke 3 arrow keys on my laptop but it's not going away till 11th May. Yay!

I also am getting a new sewing machine. A Brother. I can't wait till my birthday next month. So I can show you all of my beautiful work.

I will try and add more fun post because I know it's been boring (feel free to say it's not been, lol!) so I will try hard to inject some life back into the blog. Taking my camera somewhere random Sunday for some great pics. Post them Sun or Monday.

Applied for membership to lookbook. Who knows if I'll get in or not? I'll just keep applying till I get in eventually I will. lol.

Em xx

Thursday, 22 April 2010

is it just me or....? is their a lack of fashion news sources

there is NO news about fashion about BBC. ITV. CNN. SKY NEWS. ZERO. NONE. NADA.

the last report i have saw was about late, great alexander mcqueen (may he R.I.P). but i think that there is gap in the market. maybe someone shoud put  fashion channel for a couple of hours. but not one with 10 years younger australia  or other such trash tv (that was made in the noughties) on repeat through day and night.

there is also a lack of good websites. that reminds me i'm going to post a list of the best including blogs so keep your eyes peeled.

so we should all unite. get the fashion world involved and get more fashion on our brit boxes.

emma xx

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Collages and Accessories Photo Post!

Quick Photo Post! So I can get back to Vampire Diaries.

Do you like my new suede sandals?

Gladiators with a twist are so in this season!

£12 from Primark

Mock Croc
Matalan Clearance £4

Workwear was all over the catwalks this season!

Thanks Guys!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Boo Hoo! Going to School Tommorow

Back to School! So I'll only be blogging every 2nd night depending on how busy I am with homework and such!

Thank you for understanding!


Sunday, 18 April 2010

Primark Floral Dress Photoshoot!

Hello! Today I have been rather busy I've been out and about shopping and got a few things which I'll tell you about in a minute. I cleaned up the living room and my room with my mama and feel really good after this I'm going to settle down relax and have a bath and make some more collages and grids that I've been working on I'll post them up tomorrow. Bet you can't wait! But I have bad news I'm sorry to say I forgot to take my camera so I couldn't take photos in the shops. Sorry Guys! But I made up for it when I cam back by taking quite alot I promise I'll take my camera next time if you look at my pics below. Thanks!

I feel I should warn you that I love Primark and my wardrobe is full of its clothes. Don't say I didn't warn you!

The quality of the photos isn't great because I forgot to turn the flash on! D'oh! Sorry, but it is my first blog photoshoot.


Dress: £9.00, Primark
Waistcoat: £9.00, Primark
Tights: £8.00, Dorothy Perkins
Cowboy Boots: My mum's from year's ago 
Glasses:  My mum's from the 80's (they are alot like Tavi's aren't they!)

Dress: £9.00, Primark
Vest: £2, Primark
Tights: £8.00, Dorothy Perkins

Big ShoutOut to MY MUM! Thank you for taking me out and taking the pics! Merci!

Company Cover Girl - Taylor Momsen

To further prove my point on the Gossip Girl craze I picked up Company magazine to find Taylor Momsen (who plays Jenny in the show). Reading the article I felt that she came across arrogant and cocky and definetaly not like GG Season 1's Little J, sugary and sweet.
"Have your fellow cast memebers, Blake and Leighton, given you any advice about handling the fame?"

"No they haven't. Honestly, I've been doing this since I was three so I've been doing it longer than a lot of them. It's a work enviroment, and we all get along fine, but I don't really hang out with them outside of set. There's no tension or anything, but it's a job so they're not my best friends."

"Do you fancy any of the boys?"
"No, and I'm not even looking at guys right now. I've got so much other stuff going on that it's not really important."

"But surely it's fun getting to kiss Chace [Crawford]?"
"I don't answer that. I always get that question."

Is it just me or does Taylor sound even more bitchy than Blair. It sounds like she has total disrespect for her castmates. In the interview she also revealed when she was nine she auditioned for Hannah Montana and said that she couldn't have stuck to the role if she got it anyway (sure we've heard that lame excuse before).

Fact - Taylor starred in the grinch as CindyLouWho she's come a long way since then but looks ike she still like the long hair (which I detest).


There is now many blogs of Taylor haters and lovers as you can probably tell by my tone I'm a hater. Earlier this year Perez Hilton tracked down pictures of her smoking on set. It is feared that she is doing this to lose weight which she has also been chastised for. Recently she said she "doesn't care what people think of her" but when your in the public eye you have to care because you are meant to be setting an example. In the interview, this was another point hightlighted about how many girls are copying her style let's just hope for their sake their not copying her lifestyle!

Smoking on the Gossip Girl set

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Watch this Space! Gossip Girl Fashion Craze!

Is it just me or has Gossip Girl changed the whole fashion world?

As Miss Selfridges' gets set to launch their new Gossip Girl collection and Taylor Momsen puts pen to paper and signs a deal with New Look for the 'Taylor Loves' collection.  And recently designer Matthew Williamson got in on the act and let them fil part of the show in his shop and it featured one of his dresses. He also put the promotional tagline 'What did Chuck do?' in his front shop display. Not to mention the hairband craze Blair Waldorf started. I myself am a huge fan of the show. In the UK, it is on ITV2 on a Wednesday at 8pm. In the States, it is on the Monday and time zones vary.

The quirky style of Mathattan's elite has struck a chord with the young people across the globe.

To see the New Look collection go to:

The Miss Selfridge's collection focuses more on the characters with 2 dresses designed around the 4 lead female characters, Blair Wal, Serena, Jenny and Vanessa. I think you can tell which character suits each dress by their personaility.
Blair - Chic, Consertative
Vanessa- Wild, Tribal
Serena - Laidback, Effortless
Jenny - Rocker, Sophisticated
A little birdie also tells me Chace Crawford, who plays Nate Archibald turned up at the event to help the promotion. I even have photographic proof. Scroll down to see for yourself.

Visit to see full-length high quality photos of the dresses.

The Many Hairbands of Blair Waldorf.

The shop display in Mathew Williamson's New York store.

The two logos of fashion institutions combine to one. Yay! Twice the happy fashion!

If you were lucky enough to recieve an invitation to Gossip Girl Miss Selfridges Launch (mine must have been lost in the mail) you would see that it was stated that a 'special guest' would be appearing. This happened to be Gossip Girl star, Chace Crawford. He looked at home with the Miss Selfridges buying team.

Look at the gorgeous giftbags. I just wonder what GG goodies are inside? Oh!

These dresses scream WALDORF!WALDORF!WALDORF!

I'm so upset I can't find any full-length pictures of this Maxi dress. You will have to go on to Fabsugar (the link above) to see the dress in all its glory.

A reflection of Jenny's Rocker Chic look. Grey + Lace = Hot!
I'm not sure If I'm sold on the black one yet.

These dresses would defo fit in with Serena's em.. eh... let's say revealing wardrobe with the low necklines and short hemlines. Well, as Serena heself may say, if you've got it flaunt it.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

I'm Going Shopping in The Morning!

I'm going shopping for investment buys any ideas on what to buy?

Emma x x

Watch This Space! Satchel Bags Make Comeback

As I was discussing my love of satchel bags with my mother the other day when she told me she had one at school and then two in the 90's that she gave away. at first i was angry because I was looking for a cheap one and you can't get cheaper than free then I began to think are satchels making a comeback. My Eureka moment! They are and I expect to see more creep into our shops as we reach into the summer months

Versace has Sparked a Debate!

A Debate has broken out across the fashion world started by Versace. Not about a sheer fabric. Not about a non-exisitint dress. Not about a designer drug scandal. About boots.

So are they Hideous of High Fashion?

I vote half and half. i think it the shoe was cut into a stilleto shape. They would look very classy. But this screams overkill and totally unpractical. Is it just me or to you see flatter versions hitting the high street anytime soon??? :-P