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who wore what? Costume Institute Gala 2010 Worst Dressed Part 1

Hey guys!
So this is my first real blog on a MASSIVE fashion event! Apoligies for being so late! Sorry again!
The Costume Institute Gala turned up some bad and some good ensembles. So here they are the best and worst dressed. Worst is First (just because it rhymes). The event was based on 'The American Women' but there were a few Brits and an Aussie or two or just one.

Worst Dressed Costume Institute Gala 2010

Some people took the event's title too literally and turned up in Wild Western style garmet while others turned up in Gothic-style and even a fairytale Cinderella look.

Abbie Cornish
In Louis Vuitton 

I love ever-thing about this dress EXCEPT it is TOO ruffled around the mid-drift area and to floppy and puffy at the chest!However the beautiful jewelert she is wearing is well beautiful. Not loving the clutch though.

Christina Hendricks
In L'Wren Scott

"Christina darling, you appear to have a very large bug of some sort attacking your shoulder. What it's part of your dress?"

Yes I do adore the shape of this dress and her make- up is brave and flawless but come on fix the massive thing on your shoulder.
The saying goes "If you've got it flaunt it" but in this case "If you've got too much of it, put it away" and this applies to Christina's em... assets.No push-up needed here!

Doutzen Kores 
In Zac Posen

For a minute I thought Cinderella had made an appearence on the red carpet. And to be honest,do you blame me? I don't even wanna know how many layers of fabric went into that dress You can even see the comparision above.
 Come on! Is that for real? Make some room for everyone else on the red carpet. I actually like the dress on the whole if I could just cut off the VERY long train.

Vera Farm-inga
In Sophie Teallet for Gap

Hey Saloon girl! Vera, Vera, Vera! When you look in the mirror and look like a mix between a Saloon Girl and a lampshade you know you should go inside and change. I love the colour and Hollyood glamour of her hair, make up and earrings but the rest just kind of goes flat or frilly. I think she would suit a fishtail frock rather than this.

Eva Mendes
In Dolce & Gabbana

This dress made Eva seem out of proportion and bigger than she really is. I am a fan of fishtail frocks but this I think the bottom skirt is too full, The actual cut of the dress is truly gorgeous but the pattern not so much. In the end, I don't think she pulled it off the way she'd have hoped. Though it is a grower. The more I look the more I like.

Gissele Bunchen
In Alexander Wang
Talk about FRINGE OVERLOAD. Fringes on arms and the end of dress. Not a good look.
The pattern on the leather doesn't float my boat. I don't like anything about this dress. The cut is too short and I don't know what is going on at the neckline. Though the shoes are growing on me.

Janet Jackson
In Lavin

There is a very thin line between sexy and trying too hard. This has set a new line of TRYING WAY TOO HARD!

Apart from that I love the asymmetrical look of the dress. Lavin is great for class with an element of sexy. I can imagine carbon copies of this will be hitting the high street anytime soon.

January Jones
In Yves Saint Laurent
She just looked HORRIFIC!
Since when was it fashionable to wear gate style patterns on pink satin?

Bad Dress!
Bad Hair!
Bad Make-Up!
Bad Gloves!

And that is all I have to say on that matter!

Joy Bryant
In Marchesa

I really wanna just hak the sleeves off this badboy!

If the puffy sleeves were off this dress then we would be in Best Dressed List contention. 

The lipstick is so off. I would appreciate a nude colour or light pink.
I think that the clutch would be a hell of a lot better if it was in silver and smaller stud earrings.

Part 2 and possibly Part 3 and Best Dressed will be coming tommorow and Tuesday. Em xx

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