Friday, 7 May 2010

Dentists, Cathedrals, Necropolis, Delicious Miss Dahl, Glasgow and Anesthetic

Written the other day not yet published. Sorry guys not been on in ages!
Sitting watching The Delicious Miss Dahl recorded from last week. They'll be another on tonight. My face feels huge. Went to dentist got two fillings and had two(!) injections of local anesthetic. Haven't eaten yet but when I have my dinner I'll be ready for it. The one joyous thing about this is that I got an afternoon of school but still not sure it's worth it. I have a itchy ear but when I touch it it is numb too and I have chewed the side of my face up. It looks like it has been burnt. :*-(

Anyway, yesterday on bank holiday I went to a trip to Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis. or as the Spanish may say Got loads of inspiring photos. When I say loads I mean lotsand lots (pre-warning.)

If you would like to use them please ask me by email on

So here they are:

This is just the tip of the iceberg for more go to my Photobucket site:

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