Friday, 30 April 2010

lots of news! india, laptops, desktops, hair and nautical collages.

I have loads of news for all of you. I'll let you know even more at the end of this post. So let's crack on. Thank you. xx

First of all I got a haircut.
The fringe was cut and hair was re-feathered. Soory about pursing my lips in this photo. Bad habit.

My new collage board. On the latest trend to hit the high street. Refined nautical is all the rage.

My favourite ever scarf bought from Turkey for about 5 Lira (around 44p (!) bargin or what) was the centre of my latest crazy idea, a project on. India. I love the food (infact I had a curry tonight), the beauty, the fashion, the movie, the music and the culture. So I am trying to portray India in a fashion-forward way. You may even see my next sewing project (more info on sewing in a min).

Okay first some bad news. I will be posting alot less because I kind of broke 3 arrow keys on my laptop but it's not going away till 11th May. Yay!

I also am getting a new sewing machine. A Brother. I can't wait till my birthday next month. So I can show you all of my beautiful work.

I will try and add more fun post because I know it's been boring (feel free to say it's not been, lol!) so I will try hard to inject some life back into the blog. Taking my camera somewhere random Sunday for some great pics. Post them Sun or Monday.

Applied for membership to lookbook. Who knows if I'll get in or not? I'll just keep applying till I get in eventually I will. lol.

Em xx


  1. just a little tip for getting on look book ! my friend tried it and she said it worked, just google lookbook invitation codes and hopefully there will be a recent one ! good luck xxx

  2. Thanks Nerissa!

    I don't know how else I can get on don't think I will. Following you now! Love your pictures of LIsburn. Em xx