Saturday, 17 April 2010

Watch this Space! Gossip Girl Fashion Craze!

Is it just me or has Gossip Girl changed the whole fashion world?

As Miss Selfridges' gets set to launch their new Gossip Girl collection and Taylor Momsen puts pen to paper and signs a deal with New Look for the 'Taylor Loves' collection.  And recently designer Matthew Williamson got in on the act and let them fil part of the show in his shop and it featured one of his dresses. He also put the promotional tagline 'What did Chuck do?' in his front shop display. Not to mention the hairband craze Blair Waldorf started. I myself am a huge fan of the show. In the UK, it is on ITV2 on a Wednesday at 8pm. In the States, it is on the Monday and time zones vary.

The quirky style of Mathattan's elite has struck a chord with the young people across the globe.

To see the New Look collection go to:

The Miss Selfridge's collection focuses more on the characters with 2 dresses designed around the 4 lead female characters, Blair Wal, Serena, Jenny and Vanessa. I think you can tell which character suits each dress by their personaility.
Blair - Chic, Consertative
Vanessa- Wild, Tribal
Serena - Laidback, Effortless
Jenny - Rocker, Sophisticated
A little birdie also tells me Chace Crawford, who plays Nate Archibald turned up at the event to help the promotion. I even have photographic proof. Scroll down to see for yourself.

Visit to see full-length high quality photos of the dresses.

The Many Hairbands of Blair Waldorf.

The shop display in Mathew Williamson's New York store.

The two logos of fashion institutions combine to one. Yay! Twice the happy fashion!

If you were lucky enough to recieve an invitation to Gossip Girl Miss Selfridges Launch (mine must have been lost in the mail) you would see that it was stated that a 'special guest' would be appearing. This happened to be Gossip Girl star, Chace Crawford. He looked at home with the Miss Selfridges buying team.

Look at the gorgeous giftbags. I just wonder what GG goodies are inside? Oh!

These dresses scream WALDORF!WALDORF!WALDORF!

I'm so upset I can't find any full-length pictures of this Maxi dress. You will have to go on to Fabsugar (the link above) to see the dress in all its glory.

A reflection of Jenny's Rocker Chic look. Grey + Lace = Hot!
I'm not sure If I'm sold on the black one yet.

These dresses would defo fit in with Serena's em.. eh... let's say revealing wardrobe with the low necklines and short hemlines. Well, as Serena heself may say, if you've got it flaunt it.

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