Sunday, 18 April 2010

Company Cover Girl - Taylor Momsen

To further prove my point on the Gossip Girl craze I picked up Company magazine to find Taylor Momsen (who plays Jenny in the show). Reading the article I felt that she came across arrogant and cocky and definetaly not like GG Season 1's Little J, sugary and sweet.
"Have your fellow cast memebers, Blake and Leighton, given you any advice about handling the fame?"

"No they haven't. Honestly, I've been doing this since I was three so I've been doing it longer than a lot of them. It's a work enviroment, and we all get along fine, but I don't really hang out with them outside of set. There's no tension or anything, but it's a job so they're not my best friends."

"Do you fancy any of the boys?"
"No, and I'm not even looking at guys right now. I've got so much other stuff going on that it's not really important."

"But surely it's fun getting to kiss Chace [Crawford]?"
"I don't answer that. I always get that question."

Is it just me or does Taylor sound even more bitchy than Blair. It sounds like she has total disrespect for her castmates. In the interview she also revealed when she was nine she auditioned for Hannah Montana and said that she couldn't have stuck to the role if she got it anyway (sure we've heard that lame excuse before).

Fact - Taylor starred in the grinch as CindyLouWho she's come a long way since then but looks ike she still like the long hair (which I detest).


There is now many blogs of Taylor haters and lovers as you can probably tell by my tone I'm a hater. Earlier this year Perez Hilton tracked down pictures of her smoking on set. It is feared that she is doing this to lose weight which she has also been chastised for. Recently she said she "doesn't care what people think of her" but when your in the public eye you have to care because you are meant to be setting an example. In the interview, this was another point hightlighted about how many girls are copying her style let's just hope for their sake their not copying her lifestyle!

Smoking on the Gossip Girl set

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