Saturday, 5 June 2010

best of London Graduate Fashion Week

Graduate Fashion Week is often a breath of fresh air as the designers know no barriers and are bursting full of new ideas rather than tired ones used by mature designers. London College of Fashion got to front of the line and had their show before the rest even start tomorrow.  There were a few WOW! outfits. There was also an interesting twist when some designers opted for older models rather than fresh-faced ones.

By visiting the London College of Fashion website you can see all of the students portfolios. It's really good fun to learn about their inspiration and even see some clothes and patterns.

Ki Ching Cheung and Ka Wai Lo

These two designers have teamed up and created a 12-look collection inspired by Climate Change, Eskimo Clothing and a Polar Bear Hybrid.
I know WOW! The whole Polar Bear Hybrid means that because of melting ice caps the polar bears are losing the North Pole and their instinct is telling them to survive so the mate with other creatures and therefore create new creatures.
Make sense now? Kinda.
There is no fur at all in this collection and is mostly made up of animal shapes and knitwear. It is made of wool and wool jersey to mimic the warm feelings of fur.
So I bet by now you are dying to see what this looks like so I won't make you wait any longer, Here you go!

I really like this collection and the message is very affective. I adore the shapes of the garments and like the mix of the dark and light. Though I must admit without reading the back story I would have been confused. I think most of the layers could be worn in winter and some dresses could be converted into more wearable styles.

Karishma Shahani

This collection was inspired by the cultural diversity of India. India seems to be an constantly streaming influence and inspiration for their designs.

Jama and Kathak

Lamba and Sada

Shakti and Yatra

I love the layers, colourful splashes and little details such as the tassels because they add so much to the overall design. I would totally wear the bags (if they weren't rolled up fabric). The bagginess and floatiness with the tye-dye affect really add to the collection. I really love it.

Lots more coming from Graduate Fashion Week.
Thank you and good night.

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